What is a CSA?

For those who are not familiar, a CSA (community supported agriculture) is a term used to describe a special partnership between farmers and consumers.  The customers become members in the farm for the entire growing season, receiving a weekly share of fresh, seasonal produce, fruit, and more.  In addition, the customer is able to experience the rewards of being able to interact with the farm, see where their food is coming from and know that they are supporting the local farmer. The farmer benefits from the CSA because the shares provide seasonal start-up capital.



The CSA for this fall will run from the first week of August (august 2) to December 13th. That’s twenty weeks of seasonal, fresh goodness. Below are the listed rates for our CSA options:

  • Full season/full share (20 weeks) – $400 – August 2nd to December 13
  • Full season/half share (20 weeks, half the amount of produce per box) – $200 – August 2nd to December 13
  • Half season/full share (10 weeks) – $200 – August 2nd to October 4


What is a share?

A share is equal to approximately $20 worth of produce in each box. Each week will vary in exact market value, but I can guarantee that each share will well exceed $20 in worth, more like $30 or $40 oftentimes. When we have extra, you guys benefit directly. Half share boxes will contain approximately $10 worth of produce weekly, but again, we will pack the boxes “to the brim” to ensure you get your money’s worth every week, and every week’s box market value will well exceed what you have paid for it.


How much do I need?

That question totally depends on how much fresh produce you and your family consumes. Are you a foodie that loves to cook nearly every night, using all sorts of ingredients? Then it is entirely possibly for a couple of two to go through a full share in a week. But the reality is that most likely a full share will satisfy a family of four to fives cooking needs for a week, based on how much a “typical” American family cooks. So please, use your best judgment about how much produce you and yours consumes to decide which size share to purchase.


When are the distributions?

Distributions will occur on Tuesdays from approximately 3:00 to 7:00pm at Cravings Grocery in Downtown Tuscaloosa. The hours are bound to be flexible as this is our first year doing a CSA, but don’t expect to be able to pick up your box before 3pm at this point. If we can get the boxes there earlier I will let you know ASAP, but at this point we will keep the earliest pick up time at 3pm. If you are unable to pick up your box please send someone in your stead to pick it up for you. We may be able to hold boxes a bit longer than normal at our farm for special circumstances; we will see how the pick-ups go throughout the season.

Boxes each week will be packed with the pick of the crop coming out of our fields. During the months of August, September, and some of October we will be picking tomatoes (hybrid, heirloom, and cherry), cucumbers, squash, melons, watermelons, okra, sweet corn, eggplant, peppers (hot and sweet), among other things. As we transition into fall starting in late September and into October we will add crops like kale, beets, radishes, Asian greens, collards, salad turnips, spinach, lettuce, sweet potatoes, and salad mixes. Starting in mid to late October you can count on a full bounty of fall and winter vegetables including cabbages, Chinese cabbage, kohlrabi, broccoli, and cauliflower. We will finish out the year through November and into December with the hardiest of winter crops that only get sweeter with a touch of frost.

At the beginning of each week (Sunday) I will put together a list of what to expect in your CSA boxes that week and I will also include a couple of paragraphs of happenings on the farm and where we stand in the season. I will also try to include a few recipes that will make it easier for many of you to try some of the new vegetables you will be exposed to.

So, finally, if you are interested, you can send payment to me via PayPal at ackmess@gmail.com OR you can pay me in person at the market. Cash, credit, and debit cards are all accepted, although if you pay with a credit or debit card in person at the market there is a fee associated with the payment. No fee if you pay via PayPal, cash, or personal check. Please list your full name you would like to be used for pick up purposes and your email where you would like to receive the weekly newsletter. Thank you!

Grow Locally. Buy Locally.