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Laurie Beth has always considered herself a shoe connoisseur, so when presented with an awesome opportunity to design her own brand… She JUMPED!

eLBie’s is a unique unisex line of sneakers handcrafted in Italy to custom fit your foot and shipped FREE to your doorstep!

We have 30 days to launch this line so we need your help!

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The M.E.

The M.E. is the original eLBie’s design!

 Utilizing a fine Camo textyle, accented in birch Italian leather with bronze eyelet  and tabacco stitching creates a  bold application of neutrals with a fun pop of canary yellow laces to let others know you were NOT born to blend in !

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The JoJo

These fierce pony hair, leopard print, unisex sneaks let others know you don’t play around when it comes to fashion! Gold soles and eyelet, with tobacco leather accents and coral laces let others know…


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The Loretta

Dance from day to night with ALL the comfort and sparing NO style! 

The Loretta is effortlessly fashionable  to spice up that boring work attire while remaining comfortable  throughout the day and in to  dancing the night away! 

And around here we consider red a staple and a neutral.

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