Planting the Seeds of Entrepreneurship

  •  October 05, 2016
Alumnus Andrew Kesterson was an entrepreneur long before he stepped into his first class in Culverhouse’s Master of Science in Marketing program. His entrepreneurial spirit even shows in how he introduces himself to others students, “Hi, I’m Andrew and I run an organic farm in town,” says Kesterson.What he didn’t reveal was the fact that engaging in the degree program was a big risk—taking him away from his farm, Belle Meadow. Enrolling in the marketing master’s program meant taking his eyes, ever so briefly, off the farm. And for what purpose?Almost instantly, he found his answer. “Every class I took applied directly to what I was doing with the farm,” says the 2015 Culverhouse graduate. “A farm, at the heart of it, is one of the most basic business marketing ventures you can think of. All the things I was learning in my production class made me think of how I could improve my own production line—getting vegetables from the field to being washed, stored and distributed. One of my final projects for the production line class was basically revamping and rewriting my process. It was rewarding to delve into the business side of the farm.”